Harpswell Maine Scrapbook

Harpswell Student's Favorite Places

As part of the research for the writing of the Comprehensive Plan, we asked students in Harpswell Islands School
to write about one of their favorite places.
I also have some from West Harpswell School which I will post when I can.


Seth, HIS Gr. 3
Cedar Beach

When you go to Cedar Beach, you see boys and girls, men and women, seagulls, water, sand, waves and sandcastles, Do not drink the water, it tastes salty, and if you do you might get sick! The water is as salty as a potato chip. When you go, you smell the salty ocean water. I like to dig very deep holes in the sand. They are so deep, you will dig into water.

Megan, HIS Gr. 3

One of my favorite places in Harpswell is Cook’s. I love the way the waves sound like they want to get your attention. I remember the way the rocks touch your feet. At Cooks’s you smell lobster on the wharf. I do not want Cook’s to leave because it is a great place to go.

Matthew, HIS Gr. 3
Lowell’s Cove

I’m new in Harpswell but I still have a Special Place. That place is Lowell’s Cove. Lowell’s Cove is on Lane Road as well. Lowell’s Cove has rocks that are shaped so it’s the perfect fit for your hand so you can skip it on the water. Of course it has to be flat and have just enough weight so the wind not catch it in the breeze.

At Lowell’s Cove there are also docks where you can go crabbing off of. Crabbing has five parts to it. One thing you need is a couple of rocks to give it weight so it will sink to the bottom floor so the crabs can cling on the bait bag. The next thing you need is a bait bag to hold the rocks in. The bait bag has to be the same kind the lobstermen use for their traps. The next thing is rope so you don’t lose it when you throw it in the water. Oh don’t forget to tie the green dangrey string. The next thing you need is bait, because you can’t catch crabs with just rope, rock and a bait bag. The bait can be any meat. My brothers and I went crabbing with spoiled turkey meat.

Each two minutes we would pull the bait bag up it would be green on the bottom of it. I caught my first red crab there on the other dock on the other side of the water.

After we got the bait bag up, we would put the crabs in a tide pool until it was filled to the top. Then we would let them go and have races with them on their way down to the water. Now in Lowell’s Cove, there are broken wooden traps, and trash like food wrappers, pieces if fiberglass, bottles. I hope we can get the trash cleaned up because I want to preserve this place that is so special to me.

Randi, HIS Gr.3
Lands End

Lands End is a spectacular place. But imagine if they tried to sell it!!!! Why, let's show them that Lands End should STAY !!!! First start with the sights like the gift shop. The view of the Portland Head Light on a clear day, and the climbing rocks. On the rocks you can smell the salt water! And when your feet first touch the hot sand and you jump into the water because the sand was too hot. And when on accident you swallow the salt water, you say in your head, "That doesn't taste to good!" Even when your not swimming it's just good to listen to the sounds, like the waves crashing on the beach and the seagull squawking over head. These are the reasons why we want to save it. If they were going to sell it!

Name withheld, HIS Gr. 3
Cundy’s Harbor

Once I went to the beach with our neighbor Joe, Maggie, my sister and I and Maggie and Joe’s mom Jen. Jen invited me and my sister on a boat ride. On the way to the beach we saw our friends, the Trynor family. They waved to us from the dock. Out to sea we went. We saw people fishing and we saw fishing boats. We saw Kayaks and people water skiing. Then we went to the end of Cundy’s Harbor. So we stop the boat. Then we walked up the dock. Then their dad picked us up.

Cundy’s Harbor is special to me because you can go on a boat ride, and go kayaking and jet skiing.

Josh HIS, Gr. 3
Why Cook’s is Special

Cook’s is special because my mom works there. It is a good place to throw rocks in the water on the Fourth of July. Mom, Dad, Kai and I went to see fireworks at Cook’s Lobster House. Cook’s has very good food. My mom cooks good food also. I had some chicken finger and grilled cheese. The chicken tasted spicy and the cheese had a squeezy feeling as soft as a pillow and as warm as a blanket.

I have been outside to look at the sunset. It had a mixed blend in it, orange mixed with pink. This made it appear to look tie-dyed and could see purple. The n it vanished. My favorite of them was the purple coloring. On my way to Cook’s I looked off the Cribstone Bridge and I saw Orr’s and Bailey Island, Cook’s and some other islands around Harpswell. This is why Cook’s is special to me.

Robbie, HIS Gr. 3
Harpswell Island School

You learn how to learn use computers. You learn how to do math. You write stories. You make friends. You earn now – swim. When you come back from swim ???, it is time to ?????? The see saw is fun because you go up and down. My favorite spot is the jungle jim. I like to share my toys with Josh and Chris. The names of some of the good guys Superman, Batman, Robin, Gambit, Cyclops, Wolverine, and other super heroes. The names of some of the villains Bane Green Goslin and the Clown Prince of Evil Joker and other villains.

Mackensie, HIS Gr. 3
Cribstone Bridge

Hi my name is Mackenzie and I would like to tell you about my favorite place in Harpswell, the Cribstone Bridge. Did you know that the Cribstone Bridge is 78 years old? There is a sandy beach at the bottom of the bridge on Bailey Island. The Cribstone bridge is really tall and really narrow. At the beach there is lots of different colored sea glass. There is lots of shells and rocks. The Bridge is made of granite. One day my sister, my brother, my mom, and I were going to my mom's friends house. On the way we had to go over the Cribstone Bridge. Then my sister said can we go to that beach someday and we did.

Iven Leet, HIS Gr. 3
Jewell Island

It took about 4 hours to get to Jewell Island. It has a forest, birds live in the tree, and raccoons live in the forest. Deer live there, too.

The families that lived there were prepared for war in World War II.

They built a watchtower to see if Japanese warship would come. They had traps laid on the ground. When I went to Jewell Island, I went tubing and I went around the island. When I went to Jewell Island, just after a rainstorm, I shook the trees and water would fall on me. I went to the top of the tower. It was a blast. Couple of my friends went with me and my mom came one day after so did my next store neighbor, my uncle to Jewell Island. I got seasick from the ocean. There was this plant and it had spiky balls and they stuck to me and I called them pets. I think there was a factory at Jewell island. There was this giant stairs that led to the beach.

I found this heart shaped rock.

Kirstin, HIS Gr. 3
Land’s End

Hi my name is Kirstin, and I would like to tell you about my favorite place in Harpswell, Maine: Land’s End, Where the ocean meets the land at the end of Bailey island.

There are all kinds of rocks: big rocks, little rocks, smooth rocks, sea glass and all kinds of feathers.

The first Land End was destroyed by a hurricane, in 1978. People built another one. Bailey island was settled in the late 1600’s and early 1700’s, by Europeans. They found Indians living there during the summer mouths.

My grandmother likes rocks in her garden. One day, where I was with her. We went down to Land’s End, because the beach is covered in beautiful rocks and feathers. We found a huge silvery-gray rock. At night it sparkles in the moonlight like a star. If you look across the bay, you will see a lighthouse. Harpswell may seem a little quiet sometimes, but it’s a wonderful place, if you explore.

Nate, HIS Gr. 3
Land's End

Hi, my name is Nate and my special place is Land’s End. The thing I like there is the gift shop. I go there every month to get dragons. There are water dragons, forest dragons, and fire dragons. I also like the goose house. The geese run all over the place. I hope the town keeps it from going out of business, do you? I like the way the salty wind blows in my face. I like when I go to Land’s End.

Kristin, HIS Gr. 3
Cundy’s Harbor Wharf

The wharf is special to me because it’s more than fishing, working. And lobster men coming home. It’s fun to go swimming with Haila. It is also fun to go crab hunting with my sister Ashley. If the wharf weren’t there it would be really boring. So that is why it’s really special to me and that is why I don’t want it to be changed. So please keep the wharf the same. And make it seem as if it will be here forever.

M.R.B, HIS, Gr. 3

Have you been to Holbrook’s? When I go to Holbrook’s I notice many smells, sounds and tastes.

The smells are lobster rolls, chicken fingers, lobsters, sea water, hot dogs and hamburgers. When I go there, I get a hot dog and my Mom and Dad get a lobster roll.

In the background you can hear the sound of the water rushing past you. I like the sound of waves crashing the ocean floor. The sound of crashing waves reminds me of fling over head

While you wait for your food you can almost taste the delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, lobsters, lobster rolls and clams.

When you look out, the sights are the crystal blue water, the dock and tiny islands. People keep fisher boats and motor boats on the dock, the boats are all sizes

I would like to keep Holbrook’s because, I like to boat or kayak over and have lunch and boat or kayak back.

Wesley, HIS, Gr. 3
Cundy's Harbor

When I'm at Cundy's harbor I see my Grampy's boats and swimmers, people fishing, and fish bait trucks. My Grampy traps minnows and glass. When I'm at Cundy's Harbor, I touch fish, crabs, lobsters, stinky shells like clams and snails, cold water, the wharf, and seaweed .When I'm at Cundy's Harbor I hear foghorns, motors, waves. When I'm at Cundy's Harbor, I smell bait fish heads, salt water, bait juice, and gone bad fish. I would like to keep Cundy's Harbor, because its a nice place to be. 


Peter, HIS Gr. 3
Cedar Beach

Once I went to Cedar Beach. My mom and I walked down the long path through the spruce woods and to the water. When we got to the beach, the touch of the hot sand burned my feet. 1 dug my feet under the first layer of sand, and the water came up and cooled my feet.

The sound of the gulls and the waves made a rhythm. It was low tide and the seaweed made me slip and fall into the cold water. The coldness of the water made me run out, but the sand was hot, so I ran back into the water. Pretty soon I got used to the water and the taste of salt.

I built a sand castle. I used a bucket full of sand. I tipped the bucket over and there was the beginning of my sand castle. Then I decorated it with shells and flat black mica rocks, and I made a moat around the castle. I put hermit crabs into the moat. When I finished with my sand castle, I was tired and hot and ready to go swimming.

When I walked into the water, the feel of coral in the sand was soft. But the slippery rocks made me feel unsafe and uncomfortable and I almost fell.

”Peter," called my mom. "Time for lunch."

I ran splashing out of the water and up the beach, eager to eat my turkey sandwich.

I like the smell of salt, the sound of waves, the touch of sand, the sight of the sun reflecting on the water; that is why I want to keep Cedar Beach.

Mark, HIS Gr. 3

When I get home, I sometimes look at the ocean. I can see it from my yard. When I go to bed, I have to pass a window. When I go to bed I get scared and sometimes I like to get into bed with my parents. Sometimes they don’t let me. Also, sometimes Dad gets into bed with me when I’m scared. Sometimes on weekends I like to listen to my stereo. I listen in my room. I really like my house because my dad bought a lot of land to put a big house on.

Andrea, HIS Gr. 3
Land’s End

Land’s End is my favorite place in Harpswell. There are many things that I like about Land’s End. Like the beautiful sunset and my grandfather who feeds the geese every night, and the tan rough sand you can put your feet through when you take your shoes off. I don’t like the gross taste of salt water, so please don’t close it off Land’s End. It’s special to me. I wouldn’t want the nice people to change and the beautiful beach to change.

Haila, HIS Gr. 3
Cundy’s Harbor

When I look off of the dock at Cundy’s Harbor, I see lots of amazing sights like fishermen working and did I mention lobster boats. They work as hard as lobstermen! Buoys get pulled up by the boats! Hundreds of traps get stacked in the dooryard. In act I have over 800 traps in my dooryard. The nice smells are bait in the barrels, food at the snack bar and the nice smell of the boat smoke. And the nice sounds are waves rubbing on the boat, the boat motors running all day, and dogs barking!!! I swim with my best friend Kristin!!!!!!

Well that’s the way I see it.

Tessa, HIS Gr. 3
Bear Island

I went on a boat for 3 days. We went camping at Bear Island, and I’m going to tell u my story.

The morning we started, I had to wake up early because we had to sail a long way to Bear Island. It took 5 minutes to get to the boatyard. When we got there, my Dad got the dinghy. It’s way in the bushes, and my dad hauled it down the road. My dad and I took our luggage and put it in the dinghy. Then my dad and I got in the dinghy and my dad rowed us to the sailboat. We opened up the sailboat and my dad had difficulty getting the boat to sail. When we started sailing my dad noticed that we had been going around in a circle because my Dad was turning so hard. He got the boat going.

One the way my Dad and I saw a gray seal. I couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female. The seal was just looking at us like we were aliens from Outer Space. It was funny how the seal bobbed its head up and down in the water, because the boat was making so many big waves. We laughed really hard when we saw it.

On the way we passed Jewel Island. Jewel Island is really pretty. My family and I went camping there once. It was really fun. We went exploring. My Mom and I found a lot of different flowers. I can’t remember what they were though.

We passed Long Island. It’s really pretty. I don’t know anything else about Long Island. We also passed Dingley Island. It’s also pretty. I don’t know anything else about Dingley Island. My dad and I anchored there and we had lunch, mmmmmm. We had sardines (my day calls them dins) and crackers and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with milk.

The sailboat tipped like crazy. My dad said it was a good wind, but I didn’t think so.

I liked the buoys. I liked them so much I made a drawing of my favorites. My favorite one was a purple one with rainbow spirals.

At the end of the day my Dad and I finally found Bear Island. We anchored there. It’s really pretty. I say a sunken ship. You could even see the mast sticking out of the water. Then we explored around the island. We found a climbing rock. It was fun. My dad didn’t climb it.

Chad, HIS Gr. 3
Cundy’s Harbor

I live in Cundy’s Harbor on _______ ______. There’s a dirt road. On the side of the road there’s a windmill on a huge lichen covered rock. It has 4 homes. It’s special to me because I like the sea. My house is across Cundy’s Harbor Rd. from a big hill that goes down into the sea.

One day I walked outside and the hill was covered with lots of snow with sea. So I went and got my sled out of the garage and went sledding on the hill. I had only one “BIG” wipe out. A lot of snow got in my face. That was enough sledding for me so I went inside and sat in front of the fire. It was very hot.

Nick,  HIS Gr. 3
Cundy’s Harbor

I’ve lived in my neighbor in Cundy’s Harbor all my life. It’s a story in Cundy’s Harbor. I go out my door, I just feel safe there, I go for a walk. People say, “Hi Nicholas, how are you doing?” I’m just filled with glee, and I’m happy listening to the boats. I ride my bike to Sandy Cove and when we get there my Grammy and I have a picnic on the beach there.

Kristopher,  HIS Gr. 3
Gurnet Bridge

I live near the new Meadows River and the Gurnet Bridge. The Bridge has cement side walk so people can walk on it. It has cement guardrails so no one drives off the side. It is not a draw Bridge so you won't have to wait twenty minutes for it to go up and down. The Bridge is useful because if it weren’t there you would have to leave your car and take a boat across the Gurnet strait. The bridge is high enough to drive boats underneath. The New Meadows river is pretty. There is a lot of wildlife in the river. You can't jump out of a boat near the bridge because the current is very strong. Once, I went fishing for stripers and we took a boat under the Gurnet Bridge. The tide was high when we went through and it was cool and shady. We saw spider webs hanging off the bridge.

Lassie, HIS Gr. 3
Cribstone Bridge

My name is _____. I am telling you about my story of the. One day I woke up. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I was with my mom Aminta in her big blue apartment. My mom called up the stairs and said "Time to get up lazy head and it is a very special day today." We are going to drive and see the Cribstone Bridge. It is a really beautiful bridge. Do you know it is 78 years old and that it is right here in Harpswell and that it is made out of granite." I got dressed and went stairs to have some French tout and milk for breakfast. My mom said, "we have to take your brother Ben to his friend Bobby’s house." Ben Alicia and I got in the car. We were just about to go over the Cribstone Bridge when my mom slammed on the brakes. She got out of the Ford Explorer. There in front of the car on the road was a cute little black and white kitten. My mom said it was a boy she put him in the back seat of the Ford Explorer. I looked at him a few seconds latter he climbed in my lap and fell asleep. My mom was in the middle of the bridge, when I looked out the window, I saw heart shaped rocks with colorful strips. Most of all, there were flocks of seagulls. We got off the bridge when ouch Ben had just hit his head on the window. We drove to Bobby’s house. I played with the way home. When we got home I named him Lamer [which means ocean in French.]

David, HIS Gr. 3
School Grounds

Hi! My name is David and I’d like to tell you why I think our school grounds are really special.

First I’d like to give you some description of our land. I believe its 9.2 acres, there's monkey bars, see-saws, a small soccer field, and past one of the goals on the soccer field there’s a sloping hill to 3 or 4 soccer fields, and a baseball diamond (with no dugouts), also by the parking lot there’s a playground (most people call it the kindergarten playground) and it has two slides and a basketball court and there’s some running trails (one goes to the salt marsh which is special because there’s are no houses and its pretty and quiet, except for the animals. Also its owned by the state so no houses can be on the land except if you brought it from the state!

Now I’d like to tell you about an experience I had on those running trails by the salt marsh. It was a little past Halloween on gym day.

Our gym teacher said, “today we are going running on the running trails and we are going to the salt march!”

So we went over to the salt marsh, and my friend, Iven said, “I’m exhausted”! So we stopped and our gym teacher told us a very scary story, it was scary but wasn’t frightened. After he finished the story we jogged back to school, past the big spider web (just the roots of a fallen tree) and past the footprints of a T Rex (just some roots above the ground) and back to school.

So that’s the story about my special place in Harpswell and I’d like to see this school still here when I’m grown up. Maybe my children will run to the salt marsh.

C.R.K. HIS Gr. 3
The Rocky Place

There is a place where I go when I am upset and it is called The Rocky Place. The sights of The Rocky Place are rough rocks, cool looking houses. I hear the birds chirping, the waves smacking against the rough rocks and I see the shiny ocean. It smells like salt water in the air. The sound of the seagulls is like saying hey. The air taste like salt when I breath it in. And that is why I like The Rocky Place!

M.E.W, HIS Gr. 3
Lowell’ s Cove

I would like to keep Lowell’ s Cove in Harpswell forever. I like the way the Atlantic sparkles, the way the salty breeze hits your face and reminds you of the ocean . I like the way the music of the waves, they sound as if they were singing to you as you sit on the rocks. I run back to shore when the crabs touch my feet as if they were counting them while they pinch every toe and that’s why I would like to keep Lowell’ s Cove.

W.F.A., HIS Gr. 3

I like to fish off the wharf. When I fish, I see boats. I see buoys. I see traps. The traps are green.

Alex, HIS, Gr.3
Mackerel Cove

The wharf sways,
the air blows.
Seals flipping
there little toes.
Fishermen yelling,
icky wet sand,
salty sea water,
and rotten fish smell.
feet slipping in the sand,
house dog barking,
baby birds chirping,
floats swishing,
traps sinking,
nice fresh air,
stinky bait,
fisher boats in the ocean,
and that's why I love Mackerel Cove.