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Harpswell, Maine Scrapbook
Harpswell, Maine  04079
Please find here pictures from all over Harpswell, pictures of events in Harpswell as well as maps, and stories by Harpswell students
about their favorite places
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Galleries Page
  • Landmarks:
    Auburn Colony, Holbrook’s, Jaquish Island, Lookout Point, Pott's Pt and more coming
  • Panoramas:
    Panoramas of Harpswell
  • Places:
    Anchor, Cemetery , Churches , Community Centers, Dolphin, Fire Depts., Historical Park, Stores , Grange, Hawkes, Honor , Libraries, Lobsterman Statue, Orr's I Campground, P. O's, Schools and more coming
  • Scenes:
    Hopefully pictures with an artistic touch, and no place in particular
  • Sun Scenes:
    Scenes with an emphasis on the effects of the sun. incl. sunsets
  • Town:
    Offices, Properties and People: Office ground breaking, recycling center, town landings and more to come
  • Tools & Work 
    Useful, abandoned and otherwise
  • Scenes from the top of the TV tower:
    Thanks to Bob Ingersoll
  • Wild Life and some not so wild: